Sourashtra School Diamond jubilee
Chemistry – Inevitable In Our Daily Life

High school students explained the perodictable with ‘find the element’ game and How is Nacl formed, the chemical bonding, how metals conduct heat are explained by working models. Higher secondary students concentrated on industrial chemistry. They prepared Herbal powder, Aloevera shampoo, soap oil, fragrant sticks, bathing soap, washing soap & powder and Ice cream too.

Mehendi, known from ancient times, is applied on hands for fun and the chemistry behind it was explained along with its medicinal use. How tattoos are made? is also explained. Rangoli showing the structure of silicates was appreciated by the students. XI Students prepared gum from milk is more adhesive in nature them ordinary gum. Molecular structure which are as beautiful as real ornaments is also highlighted.

In our daily life the different chemicals we use, principles we apply, chemicals in our food, adulteration in food items we purchase are explained interestingly.

Totally the students enjoyed the fair and shared their happiness and wondered the enormity of chemistry in their life.