Sourashtra School Diamond jubilee
About The Headmistresses

Another unique aspect of school is that all Headmistress' have won the State Governments' "Best Teacher" Award- Dr.Radhakrishnan Award. It started with Srimathi.Peter. Following her footsteps Tmt.P.S.RamDevi, Tmt.K.S.Gananamani, Tmt.M.V.Janaranjani Bai and Tmt.C.Andal received the awards. Tmt.Dhanam Ramasubbu of Tamil Department also won the Best Teacher Award. Tmt.M.V.Janaranjani bai had also received the C.C.R.T. National Award for culture in 1990 from the then Vice-President of India Honourable Shankar Dayal Sharma and Nethaji Award for her Extraordinary service in other fields from Nethaji centenary organisation in 1997.