Sourashtra School Diamond jubilee
Parent Teacher's Association
Nursery School
Parent Teachers' Association was started on 3rd April 1970. The subscription amount collected from each and every student is being utilised for giving prizes to the winners in the sports meet and also to buy scientific equipments. This Association conducts many competitions like Tamil & English elocution, Sourashtra elocution and Gandhiji Speeches, Rangoli and music competitions, Tagore Essay writing and encourage the students by giving prizes. It also gives Rs.100/- to the Teachers as incentives who produce more than 80% result in the S.S.L.C. and Higher Secondary Public Examinations. A scheme called "Kalvipuravalar Scheme was introduced in 1993. Those who give Rs.1000 as donation to the welfare of the students are known as 'Kalvi Puravalar. We have nearly 145 members in this scheme. Every year on this day we have discussions between the Teachers and Parents about the education of students.