Sourashtra School Diamond jubilee
About The Past Presidents

Sri.K.M.S.Lakshmanier: (1947-1953)
KMS Lakshmanier
British Government had honoured Sri.K.M.S.Lakshmanier as Rao Bahadur. He was the only man in Sourashtra Community, who received the prestigeous title as Rao Bahadur. He was the president of Sourashtra Madya Sabha, Madurai Sourashtra Sabha Sourashtra High School and Founder President of Sourashtra Girls High School.

NMR Suburaman
He was a freedom fighter. Being a freedom fighter he experienced imprisonment and was popularly known as "Madurai Gandhi". He has come from a Royal family but, he was a man of simple living and high thinking. He wanted to uplift the Sourashtra community. For that he was keen about woman education. Hence he was very firm in establishing Sourashtra Girls' Higher Secondary School. He followed the President Sri.K.M.S.Lakshmanier and became the president of Sourashtra Girls Higher Secondary school and continued his office for 30 years.