Sourashtra School Diamond jubilee
About The Treasurers

Srimathi.P.S.K.Thulasi Ammal: (1947-1953)
PSK Thulasi Ammal
She was the wife of Sri.P.S.A.Krishanier. She was the founder Treasurer. She was a soft and generous minded lady.

Srimathi.M.K.S.Parvatha Vardhani Ammal: (1955-1964)
MKS Parvadhavardhini Ammal
She was the wife of Sri.M.K.Sundaramier. She followed P.S.K.Thulasi Ammal as treasurer of Sourashtra Girls' High School. She was also a freedom fighter, she also experienced imprisonment due to her patriotic feeling and worked for the welfare of girl students.