Sourashtra School Diamond jubilee
School History

Goddess of Sri. Meenakshi and Lord Chokkanathar are the presiding deities of Madurai City. Let the lotus feet of Goddess Meenakshi be worshipped before giving the brief history of Sourashtra Girls Higher Secondary School. If the city of Madurai is referred, none can forget the residents of the city, namely Sourashtrians.

Sourashtra Madya Sabha and Madurai Sourashtra Sabha together conducted a conference at Sourashtra School (run by Sourashtra Sabha) on 11th, 12th, 13th of February in 1945. On those Three days one day afternoon at about 3o clock Lady's conference was held.

For that lady's conference “Madurai Gandhi" Sri.N.M.R.Subbaraman's mother Srimathi N.M.R.Kaveri Ammal was the president and Rao Bahadhur Sri.K.M.S.Lakshmanier's wife Srimathi K.M.S.L.Harilakshmi Ammal was the Vice President, Freedom Fighter Sri.N.M.R.Subbaraman, Srimathi.N.M.R.S.Parvadhavardhani, Srimathi.P.K.R.Lakshmikantham and Srimathi.M.K.S.Parvadhavardhani, they all discussed about the progress of women education in the Society. Sri.K.M.S.Lakshmanier, Sri.P.S.A.Krishnier and Sri.N.M.R.Subbaraman proposed suggestions for developing Girls Education of Sourashtra Community.

Along with the above leaders Sri.P.K.Ramachary and Sri.M.K.Sundaramier extended their helping hands and decided to start a High School exclusively for Girls.