Sourashtra School Diamond jubilee
School History

Lot of ladies were present in that conference and immediately Srimathi.N.M.R.S.Parvadhavardhani, Srimathi.P.K.R.Lakshmikantham and Srimathi.M.K.S.Parvadhavardhani started collecting donations from the delegates. Within two hours they collected Rs.60,000/-. Further donations were collected in 1946.

They prepared a memorandum and Bye-law in 1946 to start Girls School. As a result they formed Sourashtra Girls Vidya Sangam in 1947 and the members were as follows.

Sri.K.M.S.Lakshmanier President
Srimathi.P.K.R.Lakshmikantham Honorary Secretaries
Srimathi.P.S.A.K.Thulasi Ammal Treasurer
And eleven committee members were appointed.

The same Committee became the executive committee for ‘Sourashtra Girls High School’. Then they had to decide a place to start the school, that place should be in the centre of the city and the girls students must have easy approach. All elderly people of our community decided unanimously ‘Navabath Khana Court Street’ building was the apt place for the school to run smoothly and conveniently for Girls.