Sourashtra School Diamond jubilee
Achievements of the Students

Rotary Club conducted an essay competition in Gandhi Museum on the Birthday of Gandhi with the title ‘My attractive Mother Kasthuri Bai and S.Sabeen Sultane won the third Prize at the state level.

T.G.Poornima Sabare Shree, K.S.Shyamala, P.S.Shabna from XII std got centum in Maths. K.R.Durga Devi got 191/200 in Tamil and got the first place in the District Level. 12 Students from X Std got 100 Marks in Maths and K.S.Gokila and S.C.Revathi got centum in Science.

T.G.Vishnu Priya form XII std secured 200 marks in Chemistry B.Suubulakshmi and A.G.Lakshmi priya in Commerce. 27 students form X std scored centum in Maths and K.K.Kavisri and M.S.Jansi Rani in Science and brought credit to our school. An elocution regarding the preservation of rain water at the district level and V.D.Devi from VIII Std got the first prize and P.Alli Rani from IX std got the Second Prize.

N.S.Parvathi from XII std got the prize in Thirukkural Exam conducted by the Tamilnadu Thirukkural Assembly.